The December Non-News

Super-Secret Post
Originally written at the end of month 13

Final exams, our apartment being robbed, and Christmas kind of took my mind off of things this cycle. We’re starting to lose steam for the effort we can put in to trying…  we’re often sick or I’m really busy with school and already dipping in to sleep time. We struggle with making the additional effort vs. not letting sex become a chore.

I wanted to get our referral to a specialist before the Christmas break in case there was a long wait. Unfortunately, I was running around getting my wallet contents (and wallet for that matter) replaced instead. What’s another few weeks of waiting? You’d be surprised.

But after a year of trying, we are officially infertile, by definition. There’s no official confirmation required; we’re part of that other 15% when you hear the statistic, usually in the context of birth control, that 85% of couples having unprotected sex for a year end up pregnant.

4 Responses to The December Non-News

  1. Erika says:

    I’m sorry if this is frustrating for you – I realize the two of you would quite like kids. I would, however, consider using the rules of the UK and the WHO which require two years. While yes, there could be problems and I hope for both your sakes its not, there are certainly many couples who find themselves initially having trouble to conceive that eventually are successful. Hoping that both of you are having fun despite this. 🙂

  2. Auntie EM says:

    Our Minister has often observed that single people often spend frustrating efforts looking for a partner, give up and become (somewhat) reconciled, only to suddenly meet someone who becomes their main squeeze.

    Do you think this observation might be applicable to your situation as well? Sometimes a change in circumstances can improve a couple’s chances.

  3. Tim says:

    It’s an exclusive club! We are taking the road less travelled! Frustrating, isn’t it?

    Our specialist said that even 60% of technically infertile couples conceive by the 2-year mark, so put us off for another six months before we make a decision.

  4. Kait'sMom says:

    Would I be a horrible mother if I pointed out that you’ve spent your life in the 97 – 99th percentile so 15th percentile is shocking new territory for you?

    Take notes, let this experience give you better empathy skills for dealing with children who live in the lower percentiles. There are blessings in all places in life if you can open your heart and mind to explore for them instead of dwelling over loss. It is a challenge to do so, but you are strong enough and creative enough to rise to that challenge.

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