Monthly Archives: July 2012

Blog Backfire

Super-Secret Post Originally written part-way through month #7 This announcing-that-we-are-trying thing has backfired so totally. The idea was that, while in the “trying” stage, if I suddenly stopped drinking, bouldering, hot tubbing, etc I would just give everyone the wrong idea and it would be so exhausting to refute everyone in the face of all the “evidence”. And it was about giving out the MAXIMUM amount of information, not the minimum. Instead I get far more attention instead of less. […]

The March/April Non-News

Super-Secret Post Originally written end-of-month-#6 It’s a testament to my habit forming that I’ve stopped assuming in going to be pregnant soon. I  vaguely know that the fall might have a pregnancy but I’m forgetting that it might throw my  Christmas into disarray, and when I make plans for the next couple months I assume trying will be a part of them. This is now business as usual.