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IUIs 6, 7, and… 8?

Super-Secret Post Concerning cycles 51, 52, and 53 (November and December 2015 and January 2016) Faced with trying IVF again after only producing a single transferable embryo over two rounds — costing immense amounts of money, time, and pain — I wanted to make sure we had exhausted less-invasive and less-expensive treatment first. After all, we had been pregnant twice on IUIs and zero times on IVF so it seemed to make sense to focus there. We purchased a three-pack […]

An Exercise in Futility: IVF#2 (and fallout from IUIs 3-5)

Super-Secret Post Concerning cycles 47, 48, and 49 (August, September, and early October 2015) This post is really long. I’ve decided to add a tl;dr section. Our doctor didn’t care that we had a third loss in our preceding IUI since it was so early as to be deemed diagnostically insignificant. This seems to be consistent with other practices. We proceeded with a slightly different round of meds to try to improve my egg quality and resulting embryos, over the […]

Summer IUIs – Gravida 3, Para 0

Super-Secret Post Concerning cycles 44, 45, and 46 (May, June, and July 2015) In May, we kicked off a “three-pack” of IUIs. Our clinic has a pricing option where you pay upfront 200% the price of one IUI and get three credits. You can use those credits within a two-year window unless you have a live birth from one; in that case you lose any unused credit. But basically it’s no extra money unless you get pregnant on the first […]

FET #2 from IVF #1

Super-Secret Post Concerning cycle 42 (approximately March 2015) Ah yes. Cycle 42. The answer to life, the universe, and everything. The second frozen embryo transfer had the upside of familiarity going for it. We already knew the protocol and were familiar with all the medication and schedule. This was only the second time ever in our treatments that we were repeating the same thing as the previous cycle, and knew exactly what to expect.

FET #1 from IVF #1

Super-Secret Post Concerning cycle 39 (December, 2014) We were preparing to transfer the first of our two frozen embryos in December.

IVF #1 (October 2014)

Super-Secret Post Concerning month 37 (approx. October 2014) tl;dr is at the end (if your instinct is “too long, didn’t read”, there’s a summary)

Waterloo Testing

Super-Secret Post Pertaining to Month 27 and 28 The testing in Waterloo was very different than in Vancouver. With all the appointments scheduled for me at the beginning of a cycle and performed at one location, it painted an extremely detailed picture of one cycle instead of piecing together data from different points of different cycles from different specialists at appointments I had to secure for myself. Much detail follows.

Month 23 Recap – IUI the second

Super-Secret Post Recap of Month 23, composed in the present since I had no contemporary notes We had wide-open schedules at the end of August and beginning of September, so of course that month I ovulated on a weekend day just as would have been helpful the month before. We did another IUI. The numbers were far more like they had been in the testing cycles, I had no adverse side effects to the procedure, and then we weren’t even […]

Gravida 1, Para 0

Super-Secret Post Originally written at the (actual) end of month 21 I need to tell you right now that this post does not have a happy ending. At least you have the benefit of knowing up front instead of being strung along for days like those of us in the inner circle were. It does not end well.

The First IUI

Super-Secret Post Originally written throughout month 21