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IVF #2 Post Mortem

Super-secret post Originally composed Cycle 50 (early November, 2015) We were able to see our doctor fairly quickly to get a debrief on the new info gained from a second failed IVF on a completely different medication protocol. Basically, the doctor was stumped. She had no idea why I wasn’t making embryos with IVF. 

Time-Travelling Progress

Super-Secret Post Concerning cycle 44 (Mid-May, 2015) In mid-May we had our debrief after the roller coaster of the last 6 months of IVF and its protracted fall-out.

Well, there’s that

Good news: ANA was negative. It’s never lupus*. * Except for all my online buddies who have lupus.

IVF Post-Mortem and FET Prep

Super-Secret Post Concerning end of cycle 38 and beginning of cycle 39 (November, 2014) Uh…. Hi. Welcome back. Again, I’ve had to reconstruct a lot of details in the present to fill in the sparse notes I have from back in November. The debrief for our IVF cycle had two sides to it. On the one hand, our appointment was so soon afterwards that we wasted no time at all before starting a frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycle. Since I […]

IVF Prep

Super-Secret Post Concerning month 36 (approx. September, 2014) The protocol we were put on didn’t require any ramp up of medication in the cycle preceding IVF so we could go straight to IVF. But my hubby should visit his grandmothers every chance he gets and there’s a wedding in his hometown next cycle, so we’re taking a short break (and a leisurely pace to get all the paperwork and information sessions out of the way) before we jump in.

Ottawa Testing and Results, Continued

Super-Secret Post Concerning month 35 (approx. August, 2014) There were a few crossed wires when I went in for further diagnosis, but it went OK anyway. First, I was experiencing my regular anxiety over determining if I was really on day one or not before calling. Also I didn’t know how much to drink beforehand (the booking confirmation email said “not empty bladder” but the assistant had said “full bladder”) and when I called for clarification I got the line […]

The Ottawa Test Results…. Part A

Super-Secret Post Originally composed during month 34 Ok — so we only needed this one test result from the Ottawa clinic. Or so we thought. The doctor’s tone immediately after pleasantries was such that I thought for sure my AMH number was terrible. She had some stuttering and false starts and looked generally like she was going to deliver bad news. (“So… we measured your AMH… and…. well…”). And in a way it was bad news — the number was […]

The Ottawa Consultation

Super-Secret Post Concerning May, June, and July 2014 I am catching up to the point where I have to pay attention to when I post these such that I keep the 3 month delay I originally intended. I knew that a couple of posts covering longer stretches of time would help catch up and that’s why things were overly-delayed for awhile. For a short period of time, we were under the impression that the time we forfeited in fertility progress […]

Waterloo Counseling

Super-Secret Post Pertaining to Month 27 As promised, here separately is the account of our private couple’s pre-treatment counseling session.

Waterloo Testing

Super-Secret Post Pertaining to Month 27 and 28 The testing in Waterloo was very different than in Vancouver. With all the appointments scheduled for me at the beginning of a cycle and performed at one location, it painted an extremely detailed picture of one cycle instead of piecing together data from different points of different cycles from different specialists at appointments I had to secure for myself. Much detail follows.