The Pregnancy Calendar Generator

Part of deciding what “the right time” for us to start trying was working around a wedding we wanted to attend and the possibility we wouldn’t be able to fly our airline of choice for summer vacation (airlines are different and WestJet allows flying with a doctor’s note after 32 weeks, but Air Canada doesn’t allow any flying after the 36th week).

I’m bad at month math and even worse at week math, so I created a way to see exactly where weeks 36 and 40 would land if we started in September. I’m glad we didn’t because we could have screwed (ha!) ourselves out of that wedding.

Click here to open the generator in a new window or tab

It’s also handy to see when week 12 is so you can guess when your first ultrasound will be and therefore when you can announce your news.

I did find another site that says I can build a personalized calendar but when I put in an ovulation date in the future, it told me I had to pick a date in the past, so it was not for planning purposes.

It’s very utilitarian but I think I worked out all the bugs. Let me know if you see any problems.  Enjoy!

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