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A Little Bit Pregnant — A Primer

So you’ve peed on a stick and seen two lines or a + or a dubiously-scientific “2-3 weeks pregnant” note on an insane piece of instant electronic waste (whyyyyyyy did we manufacture and dispose of a battery for this). Are you pregnant? Trigger warning.

Mourning Sickness

Concerning Weeks 4-7 of first successful pregnancy I learned early on a hard lesson about denial and how much one is in control of one’s own experience in pregnancy. I found myself more pregnant than I’d ever been and without any signs out of the ordinary. Totally textbook: no bleeding, nice and bright positive home tests, fine labs. Enough that we told our immediate family right away. (Who were well trained, by the way — “We’re pregnant.” “For real?”) But […]

A Week of Positives

10 days post IUI: “Fucking trigger!” After blogging that, I couldn’t help but laugh at how TROLL my body is. “OH YOU WANT A NEGATIVE HOME TEST? HAHAHAHAHAHA HERE’S A POSITIVE ONE! I THOUGHT YOU ALWAYS WANTED POSITIVE ONES!” 12 days post IUI: “Um, that line is not any fainter than the last one.” Around this time Facebook offered to post the most recent photos from my phone when I used the app, to hilarious effect. “No thanks Facebook, I […]