Infertility Etiquette

A tangential point to common conversation topics that come up: here’s an interesting link  about infertility etiquette. While these won’t be issues for everyone, they are some common pitfalls to avoid to stay on the safe side. I can tell you that some of these are most definitely buttons for me.

Also, here’s a way to frame support and kvetching: comfort in, dump out. I can’t hold myself together while at the same time supporting your problems that are directly caused by our infertility. If we put off moving again, cancel lunch dates because of appointments, or drop off the face of the Internet because we’re depressed, you’ll have to look outward in the circles to find someone to help you through our flakiness.



4 Responses to Infertility Etiquette

  1. Carrie says:

    Sounds like someone is being completely insensitive.

    • Kaitlyn says:

      It’s more that a bunch of people are each being a little insensitive and it adds up but feels too snappish to call each of them out for little transgressions.

      • Carrie says:

        I know that I am completely oblivious, so I apologize. I can’t imagine how hard it must be with the worrying and the waiting.

        We have been lucky. I hope that all the posts I make to facebook about Andrew and baby #2 aren’t hurting you. I don’t mean them that way. Just happy and wanting to share my life with the world.

        Keep us posted on your journey. I’m thinking positive thoughts for you.

        • Kaitlyn says:

          There’s no need to apologize for your own happiness!

          Any issues I have with someone else’s broadcasts are my issues to handle. I have been considering filtering parents out of my Newsfeed, for example, so that I deal with it for myself and not ask anyone to change how they communicate with the world. Then I would just need your understanding if I lose touch as a result!

          My main concerns are with direct communication but so far most people have shown a fantastic amount of tact.

          Thanks for the good thoughts! They are always appreciated.

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