The November Non-News

Super-Secret Post
Originally written at the end of month 12

Just one cycle to go until we get* to go to the doctor. We’ll be out of town so by the time we’re able to see someone we’ll be past the point of any effectiveness in month 14.

I’m starting to realize what a disaster my over-organized temperament will wreak on fertility treatments. I have told Hubby it’s time to start defining, if money was no issue, what our stop condition will be.

I know I don’t want to go through egg harvesting or anything else that requires the intensive hormone treatments that can affect women’s moods (which means they’ll reduce me to a pile of tears). Also, I think if we needed to source a donor for half or more of the ingredients I would say “If it isn’t your genes with my genes anyway let’s just adopt.” I have no problem believing my baby could come from someone else’s gene pool.

*It’s a testament to my respect for authority, even “authority” from written instructions, that I follow the guidelines from all the books I read that a woman my age should wait a year before seeking outside help (and a year is 4 weeks *13 so 13 cycles I’ll wait). One might assume one so controlling as me would have skirted the rules after our concentrated efforts lasted 6 months, but no – my brand of control includes following the directions to the letter so that no one can turn me down or say I did something wrong.

2 Responses to The November Non-News

  1. Mom says:

    Commenting on a November event from March, being blind about all that has happened in the intervening months seems foolhardy but here goes….

    Is it worth starting any program in BC when you are moving back to Ontario, conceivably (pun intended) before any successful pregnancy is carried to term? And how will the move (and break in health care coverage) affect any program you’ll be following?

    • Kaitlyn says:

      Yeah, that does seem like a bad idea. But then again, so did signing up for a year’s pass at the climbing gym last year and buying a 2012/2013 season’s pass for skiing at the end of the previous season and skiing for free last spring. I am so glad I did the former and wish I’d done the latter. We have to take risks like that or else I’ll be like I was in the first two years out here, so miserable that I can’t start anything for fear of not finishing it.

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