About Dreams

Dreams of babies are to be expected, but the way they’ve “shattered” lately has been pretty traumatic.

Usually, I realize something doesn’t add up. At first, I would realize I wasn’t ever pregnant first; now I start to think I was surprised by labour like those women on I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant but then realize that’s also impossible considering what close scrutiny I’m under.

When the realization comes, though, I don’t wake up. Sometimes the baby just pop disappears and I look around for it. Sometimes it’s lifted away by hands, crying. Sometimes I’m feeding him or her (and I always know if it’s a girl or a boy) when it happens. It takes me more than an instant to come out of the dream, and even knowing it’s a dream doesn’t help at all while I’m asleep, and is no large comfort after waking, either.

I remember a LiveJournal Community once talking someone down from the virtual impossible belief that she was pregnant (as there were communities who would help talk you through the odds) that stemmed from her belief in dream analysis by pointing out that in dream analysis, babies just mean a new creative project.

I think it might be something else for me.

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