Break for My Work Placement and Our Second Move

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Pertaining to February through May, 2014

I know how complaining about delays must look. Here I am, with other things I’m prioritizing above treatment (like deciding to do a work placement instead of IVF), and moving cities twice in a year which obviously sets us back.

It’s something that you can’t understand unless you’ve been there, and even then it’s a lot about personal coping. And for me, it’s a lot about working with incomplete information and making the best decisions possible which end up being predicated on incorrect assumptions.

I could have said “we’re not doing anything that could delay things further” and stayed in Vancouver until I was pregnant. I could have put off my work placements on two different occasions, effectively adding 8 months to my diploma (since the work placements must be done during a set timeframe of each term).

But I decided I was going to let myself live my life, especially because I don’t have a career to focus on to take my mind off things (and indeed wouldn’t have the option of a career until I finished school).

Also, when we opted to take our second break after our loss in Waterloo, the Ottawa clinic believed that we would be able to start treatment upon arrival and we figured that waiting until June or July would be fine, especially since we would be moved in and I would be done school and we would be so ready for things to start. We even scheduled a meet-and-greet with the clinic in early May while we were in town house-hunting in hopes that that would expedite the process.

The good news is that I did finish school and we were functionally moved-in by the time Hubby started work mid-June. (Aesthetically moved in is still in the works, even now.)

The bad news is that we were not able to hit the ground running (details of our consult are upcoming). I had second thoughts about finding work in September considering treatment would interfere with my first few months of employment, not to mention that what I really wanted to do was be at home anyway.

Then, I was left with nothing but waiting, and no one to blame but myself for the delays.

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