Catching Up On Non-News

Super-Secret Post
Originally written end of months 9 and 10

I had some personal stuff get in the way of posting; I had meant to get back into my schedule of updating you at the 3-month mark at the beginning of December to mark 3 months after our summer break.

The good news is that I have one term of my Early Childhood Education program completed; the bad news is that the first two cycles after our break were still a bust.

After month 9: I didn’t record any thoughts at the time; I was also really busy starting school so it was easy to keep my mind off of it. However, I had really bought into the popular theory that my stress was causing all of our problems, so quitting my job, taking a week’s vacation followed by 5 free days around the house felt like a cure. I guess it wasn’t magic.

After month 10: It’s handy that I had already lost my faith. Such randomness for no reason is the kind of thing that breaks me – I never bought the “bigger plan” story. There’s just my plan, someone else’s plan that works out perfectly, and another person who gets what I want as the thing that ruins their plan (reconciliation with anyone who got pregnant by accident seems unlikely in my current state of mind).

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