Month 23 Recap – IUI the second

Super-Secret Post
Recap of Month 23, composed in the present since I had no contemporary notes

We had wide-open schedules at the end of August and beginning of September, so of course that month I ovulated on a weekend day just as would have been helpful the month before.

We did another IUI. The numbers were far more like they had been in the testing cycles, I had no adverse side effects to the procedure, and then we weren’t even a little bit pregnant by the end of it. And that’s all we wrote for the Vancouver clinic; we’d be on the road for our next cycle and be in consultation at our new clinic in the cycle after that.

There’s one funny story about that cycle, though. Again, I was supposed to take a home pregnancy test if I thought my period was starting before day 28. Again, I had a foolproof digital test left over from a bonus from an purchase. Except that it wasn’t foolproof; I managed to somehow create the error code that meant the test was invalid (I guess it’s the equivalent of there being no control strip on another pregnancy test?). Good thing I hadn’t dropped $20 on it, and that I could retest the same morning with another test.

All that was left was disposing of it and the other one… because they’re electronic waste. Luckily, it was a woman working the desk at the recycling depot when I went with the last of the special-disposal stuff while we were moving out.


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