Gravida 4, Para 1 – An Announcement

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I’m currently more than a year behind the blog. The next post I have planned, if I can get it posted on time, will catch me up to a year behind, and then the posts are going to be more general instead of cycle by cycle.

The reason is: we finally had success with IUI#7 and our son was born October 2016.

If you are currently struggling with infertility and success stories are difficult to read you might want to stop reading new posts. Here is a link to the very first post of the blog back when we were just trying; here is a link to the first post when we started seeing specialists. If you read forward from there you can read chronologically up to this post and stop again. Well, one more post after this has more details of our last testing and last IUIs, and only has a quick reference to the first positive test which I thought was a false positive brought on by treatment.

I hope our meandering wander through this hellscape can still provide insight to future couples mired in this shit. And although we have a baby we are not cured so I’ll still have thoughts to share that might be of interest to fellow infertiles… but mixed in with some parenting stuff now that I need somewhere to post my ideas about that. You can use tags to help you avoid those; I’m going to retroactively tag all posts pre-parenting and after-cutesy-TTC as “infertility”.

All the best to all my readers.

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