Jon Stewart, ComicCon, and infertility have more in common than you would think

Waiting for post-IVF follow up

Super-Secret Post
Concerning cycle 43 (approximately April 2015)

In between our cancelled FET and our follow up 6 weeks later we were on the road three times and went to our local ComicCon. To say we kept busy is an understatement.

The first and third outings were road trips back to where we went to university, but the middle trip was 4 days in New York to see a taping of The Daily Show (and for my hubby to see the city for the first time).

Not for the first time, I was ovulating while on vacation. What a fun story that would make! We know where you were conceived! And it’s easier to be on demand while on vacation anyway!

But it turns out that no, vacations are not a magic infertility cure-all, no matter what you might have heard or repeated to others. (The biggest version of this letdown was in our 10th month of trying when we were on vacation in O week right after I had quit my job in a desperate, misguided attempt to “relax”.)

At ComicCon, I let infertility take over my body as a mouthpiece like I always do. I chatted to Jason Mewes to say I was glad he didn’t have any fertility problems after long term drug use now that he’s sober and he and his wife were ready to try. But mostly I told him it was great to see him use his power of vulgarity for awesome (he straight up was like “sperm count” and “waiting for her period so she could go on the pill” which isn’t actually vulgar but not usually topics at scifi convention panels, and nice to see dealt with no-nonsensely). I asked Sean Maher if he and his husband had used a surrogate or if they had adopted after he used an expression like “we got pregnant immediately” in his panel (they adopted and he implied it happened with a snap of fingers… It’s useless to compare adoption across provincial lines, let alone me to a gay celebrity). Both conversations were at the autograph tables, not in the Q&A, but I didn’t want to go up to anyone without something to talk about and it turns out that’s my touchstone.

Too bad I didn’t have anything to ask Jon Stewart or Larry Wilmore re: infertility during their pre-taping Q&As.

My period trolled me by being a day or two late, and me with free pregnancy tests in the mail but not arrived yet (included with the cheap ovulation tests I had ordered). But of course, the non-cure cured nothing, and it was another 12 days until our follow up. Two more cycles gone. We had tried to move up our follow up but there were no appointments significantly earlier enough to save us the extra wasted cycle.

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