To Tell or Not To Tell

That is the question.

We found a good middle ground. We do tell people we are trying to get pregnant, but they are only going to be kept up to date three months behind schedule. We’ll be updating people around the last day of the month.

It sounds so over complicated, but if I suddenly stopped drinking and eating soft cheeses and raw meat, people were going to talk (these were frequent activities of mine). And by keeping them three months behind even for negative news, they don’t take a lack of updates as an obvious yes.

The trickier part was how long it took me to realize I don’t have to explain this big scheme to everyone who asks. “We’re trying” is enough to explain why I’m not drinking. If in a month or so they ask me how things are going and “we’re trying” doesn’t satiate them I can fill them in on the grand plan.

So far everyone has been really good about not pestering us for details. I’m especially proud of our mothers!

And it was hilarious when a coworker asked me if I was getting fat when we were at the bar and I had to refuse the round he had ordered for everyone. The waitress overheard and was so confused as I am quite petite.

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