The Longest Two Weeks

Super-Secret Post*
Originally composed end-of-November

I’d been having trouble with time flying by too fast, unable to keep track of what season it was, let alone what month. Little did I know that all I needed to do to fix that was try to get pregnant.

Our first month is a bust as of today. We have to wait a whole month until we know what’s happening next. I blame a poorly timed business trip my husband had to take. I want a do-over for November!

The longest two weeks are between the middle-of-the-month to the end, with the runner-up for longest two weeks being the two weeks after we know we’re not until the time when it feels like we are most effective.

A friend of mine was really open when he wrote his daughter’s birth story and talked about how ingrained the due date was, and how when they “missed” it part of him kept thinking they missed their chance for a baby. I have the opposite problem: I keep thinking of my August due date and forgetting that has passed me by.

Ah well. Maybe Santa will bring me a pregnancy for Christmas.

Modern P.S.

The great thing about a negative the first month is that it gave me a practice month for keeping secrets. I did blurt out at the bar “not yet” to the “are you getting fat yet?” joke, although my audience was all guys I work with and hey probably didn’t realize this was actually significant. I also had to break it to a girlfriend that I would be keeping it from her too until the third month, but let slip that the first was a bust. But with those slip-ups out of the way, I’m much more tight-lipped.

* About Super-Secret Posts: since we are not announcing until 3 months, many of my thoughts have been composed ahead of when I could actually post them. I may later learn how to backdate posts, but for now they’ll just be labeled like this.

4 Responses to The Longest Two Weeks

  1. Carrie says:

    Yay more babies! Does this mean you will be back in Ontario by the time baby arrives?!

    • Kaitlyn says:

      Actually moving back doesn’t have a date so impossible to say. Hubby doesn’t have anything lined up yet and we don’t want to move to the wrong city and end up having to move again. Plus I can keep working in the mean time without having to relocate.

      We agreed that it was OK to have kids out here and that’s what let us get started even though moving is all up in the air.

  2. Timmyson says:

    They really are a long two weeks, and not just for the woman. My wife and I have started … trying? Ugh it’s so easy to get sucked into that term, even though I don’t love it. My wife really enjoys some of the baby oriented sub-Reddits (babybumps, tryingforababy, and even mommit and daddit) which you might enjoy too. That’s where I first heard of the “if you’re not avoiding, you’re trying” meme.

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