No News Is Still No News

Super-Secret Post
Originally written at the end of month #7

Whoops – been really busy lately and lost track of the updates. Sorry about that.

The April/May “month” was a bust as well. I’ve lost some notes but I can’t remember if there was content in there or just me making notes to figure out when I can see a specialist.

My “normal” is evolving with new annoying symptoms every month, including, charmingly, nausea (although very slight). Which, before rationalizing that it was way too early to be morning sickness, was exciting. At this rate, I’m only a few short months away from a hysterical pregnancy. Joy.

After April I flipped through “what to expect before you’re expecting” at the library (for review, as I had read it as my first research) and decided to start tracking ovulation.

It’s not that I want to time sex around it but I do want to have data for a specialist if need be (I heard about women who learn something’s wrong when they try to chart and can’t find any sign of a hormone spike). Plus I want to make sure we don’t quit too early in a month due to exhaustion.

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