Deciding to Test Everything

Super-Secret Post
Originally written end-of-month-#7

So I’ve been tracking ovulation and even decided to take pregnancy tests when my period doesn’t come early.

Tracking ovulation is going well although it’s difficult not to try to interpret the results (which I am categorically NOT qualified to do). I’m finding it’s definitely useful for making sure we don’t quit too early in the month. The ones from the dollar store suit me fine – they seem to work, and make it possible affordability-wise.

I also decided to take pregnancy tests on due dates because it would be important to know if any chemical pregnancies were going on. At first, I thought I wouldn’t want to know if anything was going wrong in that department, since it would be pretty depressing. But if it’s happening, and I’m correct that a specialist would take that into consideration while diagnosing anything, I need to know sooner rather than later. So far, none.

This is my way of combating feeling helpless. I’m going to arm myself with knowledge!

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