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Super-Secret Post
Originally written end-of-month-#8

Life has been overhauled and our plan got a bit changed as a result.I have been totally miserable at my job for some time. However, the plan that my husband would finish school and find work so I could quit if I had to, and the alternate plan that I would simply resign when Baby came along and not go back to the same career, just weren’t panning out.

I always figured I could go back to school after my kids did and maybe take Early Childhood Education and open my own home daycare. I can have 2 or 3 kids in an unlicensed business (depending on which province I’m in when I do it) and there’s always lots of demand for daycare. Plus, having an ECE certificate means I can overplan the raising of the children too!

I applied before I knew for sure what was going to happen after January thinking one term is better than nothing. By the time I got in we knew we weren’t pregnant yet, and I decided I wanted to fit in two terms to be at least half-way done. So we’re taking June, July, and August off, complete with protection.

By the time you read this, we’ll be back at it again, but it means there won’t be much to post until the beginning of December, when you get your delayed posts again.

The most important thing about this for me is getting out of that job. I gave too much to it, which made me good at it but just too stressed all the time. If stress was causing our delays, we have a good chance of overcoming them. If not, well, I can get something accomplished in the mean time.

A month with no progress on the baby plan is transformed from “Oh no – another month I have to work at this job I hate” to “Ok, another month to put towards school.” This really takes the pressure off.

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