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Testing Here, Testing There, Testing Testing Everywhere!

Super-Secret Post Originally written month 16 (beginning, middle, and end) Here beginnith the testing.

The Referral Adventure

Super-Secret Post Originally written mid-month-15 At the beginning of “month 14” we were officially past 13 cycles of trying and justified in seeking help. However, our first attempt for a referral had some annoying hiccups.

Comment Moderation, Again

Email notifications for comments have been broken for at least a year, making the blog rather a one-way communication. I’ve fixed them finally but now I’m feeling a little too blasted by four comments at once and not sure how to reply. It ties into my next post anyway so I’m going to ruminate for a bit before answering.

The December Non-News

Super-Secret Post Originally written at the end of month 13 Final exams, our apartment being robbed, and Christmas kind of took my mind off of things this cycle. We’re starting to lose steam for the effort we can put in to trying… 

The November Non-News

Super-Secret Post Originally written at the end of month 12 Just one cycle to go until we get* to go to the doctor. We’ll be out of town so by the time we’re able to see someone we’ll be past the point of any effectiveness in month 14. I’m starting to realize what a disaster my over-organized temperament will wreak on fertility treatments.

The October/November Non-News

Super-Secret Post Originally written at the end of month 11 I didn’t have many recorded thoughts. My schoolwork would be doing an amazing job of taking my mind off of things except that it means I’m surrounded by young children constantly.

Catching Up On Non-News

Super-Secret Post Originally written end of months 9 and 10 I had some personal stuff get in the way of posting; I had meant to get back into my schedule of updating you at the 3-month mark at the beginning of December to mark 3 months after our summer break. The good news is that I have one term of my Early Childhood Education program completed; the bad news is that the first two cycles after our break were still […]

A snack-sized post while you’re waiting

There’s no news until next month so here’s an itty-bitty post of two quotes from the spring I never got around to sharing. A one-liner from the end of Month 8: Cramps: Adding injury to insult. A little dialogue from right after we started the three-month break. Hubby, mocking The Talk: “Sometimes, when a man and a woman love each other very much -” Me: “- it’s not enough.”

The May, June, July, and August Non-News

Super-Secret Post Originally written end-of-month-#8 Life has been overhauled and our plan got a bit changed as a result.

Deciding to Test Everything

Super-Secret Post Originally written end-of-month-#7 So I’ve been tracking ovulation and even decided to take pregnancy tests when my period doesn’t come early.