The Diagnosis

Super-Secret Post
Originally written at the beginning of month 19

This cycle, we got an anvil.

At this stage, we are becoming more reserved with the detail we share. You’ll hear some of the consequences of the diagnosis, but if we omit details, it’s probably on purpose.

We have a non-treatable condition that reduces our chances of conceiving a child naturally to “it could happen, maybe, with enough time.” This condition often responds to the more-routine interventions offered by fertility specialists. While it’s true that sometimes this condition sorts itself out, no specialist expects us to wait on the very slim chance offered by nature; we are completely expected to avail ourselves of assistance. There’s nothing we could have done differently for the past 19 months, either.

We have some final tests to wrap up before the doctor will advise specifically which options are good bets for us; for all we know there could be more problems compounding the issue so we’re not ready to go ahead with anything yet.

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